Caller ID
Identifies callers name and number from incoming call

Call Transfer
Transferring a call from one phone to another, either on an internal extension or to any off premise number

Call Parking
Holds a call in a parking lot for another user to pickup
Example: if you park a call on 701 another user can access that call by dialing intercom 701 

 Call Forwarding
Forwards all incoming calls to another number, either a land line or a cell phone number 

 Call Recording
The ability to record either incoming or outgoing conversations

 Call Reporting
Track incoming or outgoing calls you have made

Allows users to have their own personal voicemail box

 Voicemail to Email
Automatically sends a .wav file to an Email account

Prompts the caller to press a number to route call to designated extension, ring group, voicemail, ect.

 Do Not Disturb
Automatically sends calls to voicemail

Call Queues
Places callers into a regulated on-hold system to be answered in order of which the call came in

 Music on Hold
Plays either music or music with an advertising script about your business to the caller

Time condition
Choose which message customers will hear based on day and night

 Ring Groups
Allows you to set up any group of phones to be ring at the same time 

 Conference Rooms
The ability to set up a conference call with multiple outside callers and/or internal extensions  

The user can intercom between extensions

Set up a page group for paging multiple extensions at once.  Can also set paging for overhead page.

 Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
A lighted (green or red) indicator on your phone (or expansion module) which can be configured to indicate the status of the extension assigned to the key.

 Remote Users
A phone system user who is not located in the office, yet still connects and has the same functionality of an office user.

 Multiple Offices
Whether your business is separated by large geographical areas, or by several floors
They can be configured to work together flawlessly.

Fax to Email
Have all incoming fax go to a specified Email account 


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